What we do


Our Mission


To Inspire and Empower through education and training from early years learning to all ages for learning in the following areas:

  • Mindfulness and continuing self development to achieve success and prosper
  • Health and well-being
  • Developing a healthier environment


  • To provide rental spaces for long term and short term from start-up businesses to long established businesses.  
  • To inspire innovative solutions to every day problems and needs of our community of SME's through mindfulness and creative thinking. 

Growth & Equity

  • To inspire and empower and engage with entrepreneurs and others in collaborative efforts to develop start-ups & SME's into sustainable and profitable business models.
  • To do good business that has synergy with our cause of doing good for the masses on a leveraged basis. 

Think2Be Group Businesses

Think2Be Group includes the following businesses. We are always looking for like minded business and business people to work jointly on common goals, activities and projects. Contact us today to collaborate!

Our Education businesses

Sesame Lane Care & Kindergarten

Educating and caring for children is our passion. At Sesame Lane, the children's well-being is foremost in all we do. From joining the Sesame Lane family, through every learning experience, to the day children move on to school, they never leave our care.

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Misso Institute

Ongoing vocational education and training programs that foster creativity and innovation within the early childhood workforce sector. Provided to Educators and employees of Sesame Lane Care & Kindergarten. 


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OUr Growth & equity businesses

Misso Wealth

 The quality of strategic thinking and the detailed, rationale behind our advice will give you peace of mind and confidence in the decisions you need to make.  

Misso Law

The future of Law,  Misso Law is preparing for the future by advising on technologies and apps which allow lawyers to not only work smarter and more effectively but also to demonstrate to clients a commitment to using technology to reduce costs and improve efficiency.  

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OUr property businesses

Ko-Work Realty

  Ko-Work provides innovative rental spaces from start-up to long established businesses and SME communities. We also develop and maintain a broad range of property portfolios. 

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BMR Projects

Building, maintenance and renovations by our licensed Builder.

OUr Health & well-being businesses

The Body Specialist

 What if erasing your pain was not only fast and non-invasive but it also activated your own body’s innate ability to heal itself? 

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Our Friends in business

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Contact us today to collaborate! We would love to hear from like-minded people and businesses with your ideas and innovative concepts.

"We lead to inspire and empower people to be the best version of themselves"